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Gatwick : Manchester : Stansted

We Design : We produce : We Install

HELLO!  Welcome to KeyMT 

We design,  produce and install products and solutions in Airports

Building and refurbishment

Electrical Design

Electrical Installation

Installation of Audio Visual equipment

Production and Installation of graphics

Production and installation of Light boxes and wayfinding solutions

Design, manufacture and installation of ASIAD compliant hardware

Design, manufacture and installation of furniture

Design, manufacture of LEPC protection systems

Graphic design and wayfinding services

Design and production of 3D graphics and visualisations

Tiling works

Stud work, shop fit and general fit out 

Painting and decorating

Electrical maintenance (240v)

Working at height

Working with mewps

Moving goods through the terminals

Construction of hoardings

Installation of signs and lightboxes

Bespoke and high level cleaning

General small building works

We operate daily in Gatwick, Manchester and Stansted airports.

We have a current UK airside operators licence

We are insured to work airside and apron side to specifically undertake the above tasks.

We are integrated into the permit systems.